Calascio Abruzzo

calascio city world center

The position of Calascio in Abruzzo,  born during the early Middle Ages at the crossroads of several roads, it means that this country has a different history from other countries of “Barony” but no less interesting.

During the last century, the emigration and the gradual abandonment of the area countries has meant that they remained on the edge of the great development (and speculation) Building of the 70s – 80s. The result of all this is now an added value that these towns were left remaining intact over time. In particular Calascio has not even undergone restoration in some cases even excessive, the last twenty years that has brought countries like Santo Stefano di Sessanio back into light. This Calascio is intended as a further added value and not a lack. In fact, the village remained intact in its original structure and is the largest conservative example of the area. A single country and genuine !!

Passing by car to the provincial road no one has the impression of its beauty. It is worth pausing and easy walk to the old town which stretches for over a kilometer along the entire side of the mountain. Churches, alleys, stairs and mansions make Calascio an authentic medieval village, interesting and rich in history.

Of course, continuing to walk uphill in only 20 minutes you arrive to the well known village of Rocca Calascio now restored and “revisited.”

un pò di storia dal sito del Parco Nazionale